If you are interested in joining us to create a sustainable future……

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Global Distribution

From small companies to large corporations, GBD has developed a scalable infrastructure to handle your every need.

Bio Degradable Additive

Our organic based compounds do not chemically change plastic polymers. Our products retain all the properties of traditional plastic, latex, Styrofoam and rubber with the added benefit of being biodegradable under landfill conditions.
ASTM D5511
ASTM D5526
(and more)

Our Products

Our products have an indefinite shelf life and are not affected by light, heat, moisture or stress. They biodegrade only when discarded in landfills.


Sustainability is at the core of every decision we make.

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Our Products

  • Latex

    From medical products to household goods, GBD can manufacture a wide variety of biodegradable latex products.

  • Styrofoam

    From Food containers to shipping, GBD can manufacture a full line of biodegradable Styrofoam to meet any almost any need. FDA approved for food contact and clearly labeled as biodegradable, GBD Styrofoam products are second to none.

  • Rubber

    Using the latest technology and organic compounds, GBD can manufacture naturally biodegradable rubber products to meet most customer demands.

  • Stretch Film

    From hand wrapping a single pallet to the heaviest industrial wrapping applications, GBD has a wide variety of naturally biodegradable stretch film to satisfy the most demanding customer.

  • Cutlery

    Biodegradable and FDA food contact approved, our cutlery allows your customers to clearly see your commitment to global sustainability.

  • Plastic Film

    Allow GBD to manufacture a biodegradable plastic film to meet virtually any need. With a full line of gauges and sizes available, GBD will exceed your expectations and deliver a biodegradable product that will do the toughest job.

  • Retail Bags

    From the food industry to high end department stores, GBD offers the finest quality retail bags to fit any need. Each bag is clearly labeled as biodegradable allowing your company to clearly show its commitment to global sustainability.

  • Shrink Wrap

    GBD offers a full line of biodegradable shrink wrap to meet any customer need.

  • Can Liners

    GBD offers the finest quality, naturally biodegradable plastic liners available. Our bags have an indefinite shelf life, are not affected by light, heat, moisture or stress and only biodegrade when discarded in a landfill.

  • Bottles

    Our bottles are naturally biodegradable in anaerobic (landfill) environments, leaving behind no harmful materials and are also recyclable and compostable.

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Our Clients

If you are interested in joining us to create a sustainable future……

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